Are you tired of applying to countless positions and hearing nothing back? Don’t worry, I’m here to help!

Looking for a job in today’s competitive market can be tricky, especially with mass layoffs happening all around!

I bring to the table my 15 years of experience hiring thousands of creatives for top-notch creative agencies and globally celebrated brands, and mentoring many to find and negotiate their way into their dream jobs.

I am thrilled to offer personalized assistance in creating standout materials including your resume, Linkedin and portfolio that will grab the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. Together, we will make your application materials shine and set you apart from other candidates.

My friendly coaching sessions are designed to understand your career path, aligning it with your life goals and lifestyle. I’ll help you revamp and tailor your resume and portfolio specifically for the jobs you’re applying to.

But that’s not all! I’ll also guide you through successful salary negotiations, and provide valuable job search and interview tips to boost your confidence. I will also help you leverage your professional networks to establish meaningful connections. You’ll excel in interviews and stand out at every step of the process.

Featured in LA Weekly’s Top 10 career coaches to follow in 2023!


Let’s unleash Your Full Potential for Success Together!

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What we can do together

💫 Clarifying your objectives: We’ll explore your job search journey and your goals and challenges. By understanding your unique situation, we will tailor our coaching to address your specific needs.

💫 Resume, LinkedIn, and Portfolio Boost: I’ll review your resume, LinkedIn profile, and portfolio and make suggestions to improve them. You will grab the attention of recruiters and Hiring Managers and stand out from the crowd!

We will cover: What you need to have in your resume and portfolio to be considered top-notch

How to get an employer to consider you for an interview right off the bat.

💫 Targeted Jobs and Companies: We’ll take a closer look at the jobs and companies you’re interested in. This way, we can fine-tune your approach to align with their requirements and company culture.

Additional services:

💫 Interview Skills Practice: We’ll dedicate time to practicing and polishing your interview skills. Through mock interviews and feedback, you’ll gain confidence and learn how to highlight your strengths. You will learn to explain your experience in an attractive, engaging way.



Single Session Success Boost:

1-hour coaching call + 2 online revisions

Includes portfolio/Linkedin/resume review + tips and guidelines, alternative job boards and networking resources 

Investment: $195

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Comprehensive Career Coaching Package:

3 x 45 minute coaching calls
Unlimited revisions
Includes portfolio/Linkedin/resume review, interview skills/prep, resources, tips, job boards, and networking resources

Investment: $495

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Additional Check-ins for Ongoing Support:

45-minute calls for motivation, additional support, interview and application reviews

Investment: $125 per session

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